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Monday, December 8, 2014

Top 7 Holiday Stressors and How to Handle Them

Hands down, Christmas is the favorite time of year for almost everyone. Yet, for all the cheer and goodwill it brings, it can be a rather stressful season. Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO explains, “There is so much going on during the holidays. The season brings with it the trappings, hustle, and bustle that can leave one feelingenervated, helpless, and drained.

The key is to have a handle on the celebrations to stay in control of one’s time, health, and budget.”She cites the top holiday stressors and how to cope with them:

1. Too many obligations. Set realistic expectations. Do not be swayed by the hype to overspend. Consider what is good for you and what will keep you sane.

2. No time to handle everything. Make lists – for gifts, food to serve andbring, chores, parties, and activities. You have to plan and organizeto avoid last minute scrambling.

3. Overspending. Set a budget for gifts, food, trips, and jaunts. And stick to it!

4. Loneliness. Missing loved ones or grieving a loss? Connect with family through Skype, FB, and e-mail. Volunteer for a good cause. Spend the holidays with friends.

5. Crowds. They are part of the holiday scene. If you get caught in traffic or long queues, think of them as temporary inconvenience. Don’t fret.

6. Exhaustion. Eat and drink moderately, find time to rest, and squeeze in some exercise to stay fit and well.

7. Unaccomplished goals. Don’t feel down when you think of what you have not realized this year. Reflect on the causes. Are the goals still important to you? If so, ask how you will approach them so they are easier to accomplish this time around.

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