"To write an effective technical material, one needs to hone his creativity. It takes creativity, after all, to shorten expressions."
- Sheila Viesca, TalkShop

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Technical Writing Workshop Testimonials

BIR Testimonials

Technical Writing Batch 1  January 19-20, 2016

Thank you for this seminar. As a writer, I definitely improved my communication skill. I want to attend similar seminars in the future. TalkShop has helped me to make a clear, concise, and easy to understand report. No I can communicate clearly to clients and get positive feedback from them. The program design is easy to understand. I can’t even believe that I like the letter writing the most. The TalkShop Consultant, Ms. Sheila Viesca, is knowledgeable. She explains topics clearly.  I learned to think first before answering questions.

-John Abris, RO11-Assessment, Bureau of Internal Revenue

This TalkShop seminar is very appropriate. It enhanced my spoken and written skills. I learned how to construct letters in a clear, concise, appropriate, and direct manner. The program design is great. I like the area where you can apply through actual writing what has been discussed. BIR made the right choice! Ms. Sheila Viesca is very professional and competent!

-Arvin Manuntag, RO1-Assessment, Bureau of Internal Revenue

I have learned a lot about correct usage, tenses, punctuations, and others. The technical writing
workshop helps and refreshes my writing. It helps me express myself easily, deliver the message at the right time and correct wrong words. There are excellent points of view and relevant facts. The program design is well-organized. The Consultant, Ms. Sheila Viesca is knowledgeable. Most significantly, she has helped me improve my writing.

-Cynthia De Chavez, Revenue Officer 111, Bureau of Internal Revenue

The seminar is very educational, appropriate, and interesting. I’ve learned a lot from TalkShop
workshop. The program design is well-prepared. I like diplomatic communication the most.
Ms. Sheila Viesca is very knowledgeable. I realized that anybody can improve if given the proper
workshop. Thank you TalkShop and BIR for this once in a lifetime learning opportunity.

-Felberto S. Mangali, RO11, Bureau of Internal Revenue

I have learned so much from all the topics!!! The program is really great and important in all aspects of written and oral communication. To TalkShop Consultant, Ms. Sheila Viesca, Wow! Kudos! Keep it up and I’m hoping for another advanced course by TalkShop. I learned more especially in preparing memorandum reports and communication letter preparation.

-Carlito Samson, Bureau of Internal Revenue

I learned so much from a well-designed TalkShop workshop. Ms. Sheila is very good and very

-Librado Atienza Jr. RO1, Bureau of Internal Revenue

I learned a lot from the basics, to the framework, and to the sentence construction. The program design is fun and easy to absorb. Ms. Viesca, our facilitator is extremely competent and pleasant.

-Vanessa Timogan, RO1, Bureau of Internal Revenue

I enjoyed enhancing my English proficiency and personality with TalkShop. I learned a lot as a refresher course in English. The program design is simple and comprehensive. Ms. Viesca speaks well with good voice projection. As a trainer, she is the best! Likeable and very knowledgeable on the subject-matter.

-Marvin Sevilla, RO111, Bureau of Internal Revenue

Every rating I gave is 5-Excellent. I like the prepositions and punctuations the most.The TalkShop trainer is great.

-Enrique Andaya, Dev. Officer 11, Bureau of Internal Revenue

I learned a lot. TalkShop program design is comprehensive and concise.
The TalkShop Trainer is impressive. Now I am more knowledgeable in the preparation of reports.

-Prescila Pagayonan, RO111, Bureau of Internal Revenue