"To write an effective technical material, one needs to hone his creativity. It takes creativity, after all, to shorten expressions."
- Sheila Viesca, TalkShop

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

On Professional Writing Workshop

On Professional Writing Workshop

Maintaining Company Integrity through Effective Internal Communications

English communication is not only a requisite in colleges and universities. Its necessity and benefits are most significantly felt in corporate organizations and businesses especially in this age of globalization. The global trend in business should keep managers always alert of the demands of competition. A company should then strengthen its foundation through effective internal communications such as business writing because its strong but subtle effects on employees will have an impact on the way they perform their jobs and deliver services, affecting the organization’s leadership in the market.

“A poorly-worded memo or an official email can ignite a controversial conflict between a subordinate and a supervisor that may snowball into a labor dispute, and even between an employee and a customer resulting in lost business. A thoughtless and indecisive technical report may spell disaster during a board meeting. These otherwise avoidable concerns may have disproportionate consequences if continued and left ignored,” points out Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO and Director of Communication.

Considered the country’s top choice for English communication training, TalkShop understands this corporate concern, and so it responds by conducting Professional Writing Workshops. This course is all about effective intra-office communications such as reports, charts, graphs, and other visuals, memos, endorsements, and circulars, letters and emails, minutes of the meeting. Other applications or skills to be developed include technical writing, theme writing, and business writing.

It is an integrated learning package and coaching workshop for CEOs, managers, and supervisors and it runs for three days or a total of 24 hours. Students will be mentored by no less the country’s communication expert Sheila Viesca.

Due to the design of its courses and the positive response of its clients, TalkShop has become the top brand for corporate communication training that is most sought after by top organizations, training specialists, and managers. It has been leading in the industry for 12 years now, and it still continues to innovate itself to respond to the demands of global business.

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