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Monday, September 1, 2014

The Top 9 Email Don’t’s

Today, email is the preferred mode of correspondence. Workers use it even for internal communication for the ease of access and instant transmission. TalkShop CEO Sheila Viesca explains, “As with any medium, there are etiquette rules that apply to the use of email. The key is to use it as a tool that builds connection while maintaining professionalism. The fact that it is easy to use, makes its users prone to casual mistakes that may prove costly.” She offers tips on the don’ts of emailing:

1. Don’t reply with just one word. This comes across as impertinent.

2. Don’t send an attachment without any message.

3. Don’t swear. If you are angry, put off writing until you have cooled down.

4. Don’t ignore messages sent directly to you. You owe it to the sender to provide the information sought for.

5. Don’t criticize another’s grammar. An email is not an English grammar exam.

6. Don’t send chain mail. Nobody wants them.

7. Don’t wasting people’s time with too many details. Be brief and concise.

8. Don’t use it for trivialities. An email, like any professional communications, communicates important matters. Hold a private talk or meeting for scolding,changing game plan, and detailing tasks that need to be explained at length.

9. Don’t send suggestive and negative emails. These can backfire as proofs against you.

The email should not replace face to face encounters that are needed for critical assignments and talks where eliciting collaboration, support, and understanding is necessary,” adds Viesca.

“If E-mail had been around before the telephone was invented people would have said , "Hey, forget e-mail - with this new telephone invention I can actually talk to people”- Unknown

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