"To write an effective technical material, one needs to hone his creativity. It takes creativity, after all, to shorten expressions."
- Sheila Viesca, TalkShop

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Do’s and Don’ts for Effective Business Writing

Business writing takes many forms in the workplace. Memos, emails, correspondence, reports, minutes, and MOAs require clarity, brevity, and the right tenor. Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO explains, “It is a matter of merging form and substance together for the desired results. Each communication form should be treated differently, but general guidelines rule in business communication.” She shares these tips:

  1.  Know your audience – demographics, preferences, attitude, and concerns.
  2. Aim for desired results. Whether imparting guidelines, issuing orders, or closing a deal, request for the response you need.
  3.  Simplify. The shorter the better, the simpler the better.
  4. Use the active voice. Write “I sent the samples parcel..., “and not “The samples were sent by me.”
  5. Use the right tone. Be business- like but friendly for correspondence, and friendly yet courteous for emails.
  6.  Use compelling words. Ditch “hopefully,” “perhaps,” maybe,” “might.”  Replace with “I am confident,” “I know,”  “…certainly,” etc.
  7. Avoid using jargon and slang language.
  8.  Be candid, while remaining respectful. While diplomacy is good, it should not get in the way of clarity and your purpose.
  9. Edit, edit, edit. Check for spelling errors and typos  that can undermine your content and image
“Learn as much by writing as by reading.”-Lord Acton

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